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Glendive Water System Master Plan

The water treatment facility was originally constructed in 1916 and has been renovated three times with the latest being the 2021 project. The water distribution system serves approximately 2100 service connections within the city limits. The system is comprised of 32.6 miles of water mains. There are 304 fire hydrants which are maintained by the Public Works Department. The entire system is metered, and is read by drive-by radio read system.

The treatment facility draws water from the Yellowstone River through an intake system installed in 2000. It consists of four submersible pumps, 1750 GMP each, with a fifth available tube for expansion. This provides 7.5 million gallons per day with a design capacity of 14.4 million gallons per day. The water is pumped to the pre-sedimentation basins during the summer high turbidity months, for initial settling of solids prior to entry into the plant. The capacity of the five settling basins is approximately 1 million gallons. During winter when turbidity ranges are low, the water is pumped directly to the solids contact unit. The water treatment plant utilizes clarification, softening, filtration, and disinfection processes for treatment.

Water Connection Fees

Residential Single Family Dwelling including Mobile Home- $500
Multi-Family Residential Dwelling Units- $500 for the first unit $250 for each additional unit
Commercial & Non Residential Properties -$3000 times the domestic water tap in inches
Irrigation systems up through 2”- $500

Water Rates

Monthly base rate- $39.52
Metered water charges- $1.49 per 100 cubic feet of water usage