Glendive Police Department
440 Colorado Boulevard

Mission Statement 
The mission of the Glendive Police Department is to serve the citizens of Glendive, through community partnership, by enforcing the law, maintaining order, and protecting the lives, property and rights of all people. We will exemplify professionalism, respect, integrity, dedication and excellence in policing in all that we do.

Vision Statement
The Glendive Police Department strives to not just police the community but to be a part of the community. By building trust and relationships through partnership with community we will work tirelessly to provide fair, equal, professional, and ethical law enforcement service to the citizens of our great city.  

Phone: (406) 377-2364Police truck
FAX (406) 377-2596
Email: police@glendivemt.gov

Jeremy Swisher 
Chief of Police
Phone: (406) 377-2364
Email: swisherj@glendivemt.gov

Katie Mills
Assistant Police Chief
Phone: (406) 377-2364   
Email: millsk@glendivemt.gov               
Tim Therrien
Phone: (406) 377-2364   
Email: therrient@glendivemt.gov                                                                                              

Janet Moore                                                                                                                              
Communications Supervisor
Phone: (406) 377-2364

Montana Road Report
Montana Sexual or Violent Offender Registry