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Communications 911 Division

911In 2015 the Communications Center received 11,558 calls for service. 

Communications Staff
The communications staff are employed by the City of Glendive and provided 24 hour 911 emergency service for Dawson County.  The communication staff is required to attend Public Safety Communicator Basic at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy.  They are also Emergency Medical Dispatched trained and NCIC/CJIN certified. 

The Communication Center is the Public Safety Answering Point(PSAP) for 9-1-1 calls in Dawson County. All 9-1-1 calls are received by a Tandem Office then call are routed by a dedicated trunk line to the appropriate PSAP.

User Agencies
  .  City of Glendive Police Department

  .  Dawson County Sherriff’s Office
  .  Glendive Fire Department
  .  Glendive Ambulance Service
  .  West Glendive and Dawson County Rural Fire Departments
  .  Town of Richey Emergency Services.
  .  Various State and Federal agencies. 

The 9-1-1 center consists of two stations with a Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) at each station.  The Center also has Enhanced 9-1-1 with both phase 1 and 2 services that can provide location of landline and wireless callers in most cases.  The Center also has an Emergency Notification System (ENS) which is capable of providing the community with prerecorded information through mass phone calls of landline.