Mayor's Welcome

As Mayor of Glendive, I welcome you to be part of the ongoing process of making Glendive a great place to live, work, and to enjoy the culture of Eastern Montana. The goal of any city is to become the best possible place on earth.  Due to the many natural resources given to us, Glendive is a splendid place to live, raise a family and conduct business.

As a community, Glendive has many building blocks in place to improve the lives of our citizens and guests. They include a great school system, a state of the art medical facility (uncommon in many small communities) and a thriving business sector that is growing daily. Dawson Community College continues to draw many newcomers into our areas, who enjoy our many qualities and our kind citizens. We enjoy having both the breathtaking Yellowstone River and Makoshika State Park in our backyard. The same river used by Lewis and Clark runs right through our beautiful city, while Makoshika being the largest State Park in Montana, borders the Glendive city limits.

Other recreation opportunities abound in our area with over 40 acres of wonderful city parks, playgrounds for children, tennis courts, boating, fishing and hunting, and year round recreation department programs.  If you are an outdoorsman, your choices of activities are limitless.

Glendive’s biggest challenge proves to be keeping up with the ongoing demands of replacing aging infrastructure, and streets while providing new opportunities for business and builders. Like many small towns in America, Glendive is a work in progress.  With our greatest resource being the friendly and hardworking people that live here, we continue to work towards steady improvement.

The Mayor’s office has an open door policy. Come in and visit me at any time!


Teresea Olson
Phone: (406)377-3318 Ext. 11