Meet The Council

City HallBetsey Hedrick
Ward Represented: Ward 1
Present Term Began: January 2014
Committees and Boards: Ordinance committee (vice chair), Personal committee, City/County Planning Board 
Home Phone: (406) 377-1728
Email: glendiveward1@gmail.com

Gerald Reichert
Ward Represented: Ward 1
Present Term Began: December 2010
Committees and Boards: Finance, Utilities, Property and Recreation (FUPR), Street, Vice Chairman
Home Phone: (406)377-2297     Cell Phone: (701)226-8820
Email: telerun100@hotmail.com

Clyde Mitchell
Ward Represented: Ward 2
Present Term Began: November 2015
Committees and Boards: Personnel Committee (Vice-Chairman), Ordinance Committee 
Phone: (406)377-3689

Avis Anderson
Ward Represented: Ward 2
Present Term Began: August 2014 
Committees and Boards: Street Committee (vice chair) and Finance, Utility, Property & Recreation Committee (FUPR)
Home Phone: (406)377-2617
Email: aabgsky@midrivers.com

Mike Dryden
Ward Represented: Ward 3
Present Term Began: March 2012
Committees and Boards: Chairman of Finance, Utility, Property & Recreation (FUPR) Committee, Street Committee, City/County Planning Board
Home Phone:(406)377-4539

Doug Baker
Ward Represented: Ward 3
Present Term Began: January 2014
Committees and Boards:  Personnel (vice chair), and Ordinance
Phone: (406)377-7767
Email: dlbaker168@gmail.com

Leon Baker
Ward Represented: 4
Present Term Began: January 2012
Committees and Boards: Ordinance committee chairman and Personnel Committee, Council President
Home Phone(406)365-5528     
E-mail: lbaker@midrivers.com

Rhett Coon
Ward Represented: Ward 4
Present Term Began: January 2010
Committees and Boards:   Vice Chair on Finance, Utility, Property & Recreation (FUPR) Committee, Street Committee
Phone: (406)939-7587
Email: info@coondig.com