Bulk Water Station

bulk water fill stationOpen 24 Hours A Day!

To Setup Account Contact The City Water Department:  (406)377-3318 Ext. 10

Located at: 1820 Utah Avenue

Off I-94 exit 215 go north take east frontage road (State Street/Bell Prairie Road) to Utah Avenue. Follow signs, right behind City Shop Yard

Easy Operation

Operation Sequence:

  1. Select appropriate fitting
  2. Connect fill hose to water tank
  3. Proceed to access terminal
  4. Input 3 digit customer access #-Press ENTER
  5. Input desired 4 digit security pin #-Press ENTER
  6. Input desired fill quantity- Press ENTER
  7. Press START

Pumping stops when quantity is reached or the STOP button is pressed.

There is a 3” & 2” Banjo female quick coupler on station. You need Banjo male quick coupler, appropriate hose and attachments for your tank.


  • $20.00 per month account base rate
  • $5.00 per 1,000 gallons for under 50,000 gallons per month
  • $10.00 per 1,000 gallons for all water obtained over 50,000 gallons per month