The City of Glendive follows the Montana Public Works Standards and Specifications, 6th edition dated April, 2010.


The Public Works Department/City Council have recently implemented a no-cost Zoning Permit available at the Public Works Office. This will be used to track and record all new construction projects. From fences and decks to complete new buildings projects, the Public Works Office will check that all setbacks and other zoning requirements are being followed.  The permits are available by email, or calling City Hall (406) 377-3318


Commercial Building Permit Application - Currently Commercial Building Permits are being handled by the State of Montana Building Codes Bureau.  Inspector Darrell Aaby may be reached at 406-439-2551 or daaby@mt.gov

Commercial building permits and inspections are required for new construction, additions, and remodeling work to confirm that all structures meet applicable City and State building code requirements. Please check with the Public Works Department that your plans conform to City of Glendive Zoning requirements. This ensures that all buildings within the City are built and maintained safely.