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Solid Waste Collection

    imagesCAZTOQ The Public Works Department is responsible for the solid waste collection and disposal of residential and commercial garbage for the City of Glendive. The City started using automated garbage collection trucks in 1978 and has continued that practice to this date. Residential containers are picked up twice per week and commercial containers are picked up according to use and up to six days per week. There are currently 800; 100 gallon residential containers and 750; 300 gallon  residential and commercial containers. The City utilizes two automated side dump trucks/packers and a third manual rear load truck for collecting cardboard and glass.  A roll- off truck was purchased in 1997 and roll-off containers are provided for some commercial sites and also available to the public on request.  The City of Glendive has 16 available roll-off containers in different sizes. Two utility workers are assigned to the collection trucks full-time and a third utility worker runs the roll-off truck as needed. All equipment is kept at the city shop and maintenance is done by the city mechanic.

                Title 4, Chapter 2 of the City of Glendive Code divides residential rates into six categories and how they are assessed to the base rate. Commercial users are assessed according to their user class and their usage level according to the type of business which is determined by the Director of Public Works.

                Before the second Monday in August in each year the city council passes a resolution levying and assessing a basic tax upon all lots or portions of lots for the costs of collecting and disposing of garbage in the city. The current base rate is $192.00 per unit per year.