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Sanitary Sewer

          The existing wastewater collection system is comprised of a network of 22.49 miles of gravity sewer pipe, and a series of five wastewater lift stations located throughout the city. The gravity system includes pipe diameters ranging in size from 6-inch to 30-inch. Vitrified clay pipe accounts for 72% of the total gravity sewer pipe and the remainder is comprised of PVC, Asbestos Cement, and other types of materials. The system was installed from 1906 to 1997, with the majority of the system installed before 1930. The wastewater treatment system is a three cell facultative lagoon with recirculation capability. The total area of the three cells is 70.2 acres. The lagoon system was originally constructed in 1959 as a part of the major sewer construction project by the city.

                The city is currently in the process of designing a new Wastewater Treatment Facility. This new facility will be an activated sludge mechanical treatments plant capable of meeting the new requirements of the discharge permit.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Presentation

Sewer Connection Fees:
-Residential Single Family Dwelling Including Mobile Homes-$500
-Multi-Family Residential Dwelling Units- $500 for the first unit, $250 for each additional unit
-Commercial & Non residential Properties- $4000, times the domestic water tap in inches

  • Sewer Rates:
    Monthly Residential base rate- $43.07
    Monthly Residential sewer charges-$.814/100 cubic feet of water usage
    Monthly Commercial sewer base rate- $49.72
    Monthly Commercial sewer charges- $1.274/100 cubic feet of water usage
  • *Average water usage taken from 4 winter months usage