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Current Projects

 The City of Glendive follows the Montana Public Works Standards and Specifications, 6th edition dated April, 2010.

-Wastewater Treatment Facility   The Water Resource & Recovery Facility went online in late December 2015 and is performing very well, meeting discharge permit requirements.  We are now receiving and treating the wastewater from the west side of the Yellowstone River through Dawson County's new liftstation and force main.
-Meade Avenue Water/Sewer upgrade   in 2017Western Municipal Const. completed pipe installation, street grading and paving on the first phase.  The next phase of  Water & Sewer replacement prior to MDT's curb and final paving in 2019 will bid this December for construction in 2019.
-Sidewalk/Curb project   EHC, LLC has completed the curb/sidewalk project with the exception of some punch list items to be discussed  in September 2018.
- Maple Avenue Sewer replacement  The City's own Public Works Utility workers recently replaced 300 feet of 8" clay sewer pipe with 8" PVC on the 100 block of Maple Ave.  This eliminated several unused sewer taps that were allowing tree roots to infest the sewer main.                                  

-Urban Pavement Preservation  The City of Glendive came up with, wrote and sponsored Senate Bill 111 getting Glendive and two other Montana Cities into the MDT Urban Program.  Public Works then rated the qualifying streets on conditon and nominated them for the preservation work.  MDT has begun the Urban Pavement Preservation work with Century Construction in Glendive.   This will involve crack seal, mill & fill, seal & cover on qualified streets within the City.  This work may extend into Spring 2019.
-City Paving bid   The City hired Interstate Engineering to assist with the design & bidding on several unpaved streets in the City.  This includes Colorado Blvd to the Law Enforcement Center, Washington Drive where it connects to Colorado, Wyoming Avenue and Sunset Ave.  These will be done  by SID provided the property owners with majority of the fronting footage do not oppose.  Contacting the property owners is taking place now. This work would take place in 2019.
-Water Plant Improvements   Great West Engineering has been contracted to design and guide the City through thr process of demolishing the old Northern Pacific Rwy settling tanks and treatment buildings next to the Towne St bridge.  A new building will be erected on the site containig new dual solids contact units and all of the associated chemical storage, lime storage and injection points.  The existing water plant controls will be updated integrating the existing plant processes with the new processes.  
-Small Paving Jobs  This Fall, weather permitting the City has hired J & S Construction to asssist us with paving the Maple Ave sewer replacement trench, pave on the 1100 block of N Anderson after BNSF removes the RXR crossing, overlay 1/2 block on W Dodge by Washington School to tie into some new curb and work with Public Works crew to reconfigure the pavement next to a new valley gutter at Sargent & Mann.