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Current Projects

 The City of Glendive follows the Montana Public Works Standards and Specifications, 6th edition dated April, 2010.

-Wastewater Treatment Facility   The Water Resource & Recovery Facility went online in late December 2015 and is performing very well, meeting discharge permit requirements.  We are now receiving and treating the wastewater from the west side of the Yellowstone River through Dawson County's new liftstation and force main.
-Meade Avenue Water/Sewer upgrade   01/16/2018 Western Municipal Const. has completed the pipe installation, street grading and paving is complete & ready for MDT to do curb and final paving in 2019
-Sidewalk/Curb project  01/16/2018   EHC, LLC has completed 75% of Schedule 1 curbing and are currenty in winter shut down mode. Schedule II looks like we have near 50% participant committment and are working with the engineer & contractor to move forward on this next spring as well.  We are accepting new interested properties into the program until March 1st, 2018.                                    
-Landfill  The new BOMAG compactor is at work pushing and crushing the garbage.  We are pleased with the performance from this machine and its efficient use of the air space we are selling.  A November MT DEQ inspection of our facility yielded positive results with our ongoing landfill operations.